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The Nation Digital Archive: The Nation is proud to be America's oldest continuously published journal
of political and social commentary. Our entire back file is available online as The Nation Digital Archive.
Users can search the full text of every issue, as well as view and print scanned images of every page all
the way back to 1865.

Commentary Digital Archive: Commentary Digital Archive is an invaluable resource for educators,
providing in-depth analysis of topics such as the cold war, the Arab-Israeli conflict, American foreign
policy, defense, the Supreme Court, affirmative action, welfare, crime, immigration, religion, education,
art, literature, classical music, and much more.

The New Republic: When The New Republic was founded in 1914, its mission was to provide its
readers with an intelligent, stimulating and rigorous examination of American politics, foreign policy and
culture. It has brilliantly maintained its mission for over ninety years. The New Republic covers issues
before they hit the mainstream, from energy to the environment, from foreign to fiscal policy. By publishing
the best writing from a variety of viewpoints -- including those from arts and culture, with literary criticism
that sets the standard in the academic arena and among general readers alike -- The New Republic
continues to be among America's best and most influential journals of opinion.

Harper's: Harper's Magazine (or simply Harper's) is a monthly general-interest magazine covering
literature, politics, culture, and the arts. The second oldest continuously-published monthly magazine in
the United States, Harper's was launched in June 1850. Its early issues included material that had
already been published in England, but the publication soon began to print the work of American artists
and writers. It subsequently published commentaries by prominent politicians from both sides of the
Atlantic, such as Winston Churchill and Woodrow Wilson. Other notable contributors include Horatio
Alger, Stephen A. Douglas, Robert Frost, Henry James, Jack London, Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain,
and John Updike.

National Review: National Review is a conservative/libertarian political magazine founded in 1955 and
is published biweekly. Fifty years after its founding, National Review is considered by many to be one of
the United States' most politically influential conservative publications.

Commonweal: Commonweal publishes editorials, columns, essays, poetry, reviews of books, movies,
plays, the media, a selection of apposite and/or funny cartoons, & lots of letters to the editors.
Liberal? Conservative? Depends on the issue and the writer. From its founding in 1924(!), the journal has
held that America has much to learn from Catholicism, and vice versa-a core belief that has survived
severe testing in disputes over the Spanish Civil War, civil rights, Vietnam, Humanae vitae...

American Spectator: The American Spectator is a conservative U.S. Monthly magazine covering news
and politics featuring leading writers such as Thomas Sowell, Tom Wolfe, P.J. O'Rourke, George F. Will,
Patrick J. Buchanan, Alex Linder and Malcolm Muggeridge. Founded in 1967 as The Alternative, the
publication gained prominence in the 1990s by reporting on political scandals including the expose on
Clarence Thomas accuser Anita Hill. Other controversial subjects such as Hillary and Bill Clinton,
including A January 1994 article about then-President Bill Clinton's sex life contained the first reference in
print to Clinton accuser Paula Jones.

The New York Review of Books: The New York Review of Books, the premier literary-intellectual
magazine in the English language, electronic edition is now available for academic libraries, public
libraries, and other institutions: providing students, employees, researchers, and library patrons with
unlimited simultaneous access to over 40 years worth of fully searchable material (including more than
850 back issues and 16,000 articles, reviews, letters and original essays). Published since 1963, The
New York Review of Books archives are a valuable resource for scholars, students, writers, and
publishing professionals interested in literature, culture and current affairs.

Dissent: Dissent, a quarterly magazine of politics and culture was founded in 1954 to dissent both from
Stalinism and McCarthyism. One of America's leading intellectual journals on the left, it has published
articles by founding editor Irving Howe, current editor Michael Walzer, Mitchell Cohen, Hannah Arendt,
Erich Fromm, Paul Goodman, Claude Brown, Michael Harrington, C. Wright Mills, Norman Mailer, Amos
Oz, Richard Rorty, Ignazio Silone, Ellen Willis, Richard Wright, and many other prominent writers. There
is extraordinary coverage of both domestic and international events.

The New Yorker: Since 1925, The New Yorker is a weekly magazine with a signature mix of reporting
on national and international politics and culture, humor and cartoons, fiction and poetry, and reviews and
criticism of books, movies, theatre, classical and popular music, television, art, and fashion.

The New Leader: The New Leader, which began in 1924, is a journal of news analysis and opinion. It's
liberal anti-communist magazine has attracted considerable attention by publishing articles from
dissident writers and works circulating underground in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe . It first
published Joseph Brodsky and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in the United States.

The Progressive: Since 1909, is a monthly left wing magazine of investigative reporting, political
commentary, cultural coverage, activism, interviews, poetry, and humor. It steadfastly stands against
militarism, the concentration of power in corporate hands, and the disenfranchisement of the citizenry. It
champions peace, social and economic justice, civil rights, civil liberties, human rights, a preserved
environment, and a reinvigorated democracy. Its bedrock values are nonviolence and freedom of speech

The Weekly Standard: Since 1995, conservative perspectives of politics, government, national security,
foreign policy, books, arts and society.

Washington Monthly: Since 1995, neoconservative perspectives written by contributor from leading
think tanks in Washington, "the most influential publication in America.

Moment: Since 1975, is the largest independent Jewish magazine in North America.

Orion: Since 1982, an excellent resource for environmental justice, political leadership, and economic
practices. Orion’s mission is to inform, inspire, and engage individuals and grassroots
organizations in becoming a significant cultural force for healing nature and community.

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