In memory of  how life changed 10 years ago and to show how America became
    one, we wanted to provide a snapshot of an event that has changed our lives
    and our world. Our journals reported both before and after 9/11, the events,
    the warnings, and the aftermath of the worst strike on our soil from outside
    forces. Compare what you know to the in-depth perspectives of what took place
    to appreciate the quality of coverage of US and world events since 1850. We
    have provided links for you to read this in-depth coverage as a tribute to those
    who suffered and a reminder of all that has changed as a result of what took
    place on 9/11.

    The New Yorker September 24, 2001

    "The catastrophe that turned the foot of Manhattan into the mouth of Hell on the morning of September 11, 2001,
    unfolded in four paroxysms..."

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    American Spectator Sept/Oct 2001:

    In the text of a Special Address by the President to Congress  on Sept. 1, 2001, he warned,
    " Potential adversaries, like terrorist Osama Bin Laden, will seek to exploit their strengths against American

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    Commonweal September 28, 2001:

    "...What more can usefully be said about the cruelty and fanaticism of the suicide bombers, the horrific pathos of the
    last minutes of those trapped on the hijacked planes and in the targeted buildings, or the extraordinary dignity and
    heroism of the survivors and all those who came to their aid? America, and New York City in particular, can be a
    harsh, acquisitive place. But the response of New Yorkers and the nation as a whole to this terrible tragedy has
    revealed once again that the surface of modern American life is not the whole of American life, and that the "better
    angels of our nature" are there if we have the courage to summon them...."

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    NACLA (Latin American Coverage): November 2001:

    " The hunt for associates of Osama bin Laden was extended to Latin America almost immediately after the
    September 11 attacks.
    There were raids and arrests in Mexico, Brazil, Peru..."

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    The New Leader November 2001:

    " campaign against the violence of Islamic extremists into a worldwide struggle against genocide, human rights
    abuse, disease,hunger, global warming, drug trafficking, and money laundering. He (Tony Blair) has sought to
    extract from the horror of September
    11 a new sense of unity, purpose and direction in the international community. He envisions addressing such
    unresolved problems as..."

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    Dissent November 2001:

    "THIS IS NOT going to be a straightforward and entirely coherent argument. I am still reeling from the attacks of
    September 11, and I don't have all my responses in order. I will try to answer five questions about terrorism.
    Whether the answers add up to a "position"—theoretical or practical—I will leave to the reader.

    (1) What is terrorism?
    (2) How should we go about explaining it?
    (3) How is it defended or excused?
    (4) How should we respond?
    (5) What will be the signs of a successful response?..."

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    The Weekly Standard September 24, 2001:

    " The End of Illusions    The United State of America...  We fret a great deal these days that the nation isn’t indivisible
    any more,
    that our “mosaic” is badly frayed, that we no longer know who we are. It turns out that is nonsense..."

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    The Progressive September 2004:

    "On  page 340 of The 9/11 Commission Report is this sentence: “If the government’s leaders understood the gravity
    of the threat they faced and understood at the same time that their policies to eliminate it were not likely to succeed
    any time soon, then history’s judgment will be harsh.”

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    Moment October 2001:

    "...ONE MONTH AFTER the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., thousands of Israeli
    Arabs gathered in the Galilee town of Tamra to voice support for Afghanistan and opposition to U . S . strikes against
    the Taliban...."

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    Orion Spring 2002:

    "...The main difficulty in human affairs in these opening years of the twenty-first century seems to be the loss of our
    sense of wonder, our sense of the sacred, our sense of play and laughter, our inability to respond to the dawn or
    sunset, the loss of our vision of the stars. One of the most exquisite words in the human vocabulary is wonderful,
    the word we use when we speak of those we love or when we describe an exciting moment in our lives. So now my
    hope is that the wonder we experienced in childhood will return to quiet our restless souls in this new age of anxiety
    that has descended upon us...."

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    Harper's  December 2001:

    "The lesson of September 11 is that the go-go years of globalization were an interregnum, a time of transition
    between two epochs of conflict. The task in front of us is to forge terms of peace among peoples separated by
    unalterably divergent histories, beliefs, and values..."

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    The New York Review of Books October 18, 2001:

    "At the same time, using military force against terrorists in sovereign foreign states is likely to raise difficult legal

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    Commentary December 2001:

    "But some terrorist attacks “are conducted without any particular concession in mind; the destruction is more of an
    end itself.” When dealing with this extreme brand of terrorism, “there is no way to influence intentions over the long

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    The New Republic September 24, 2001

    "Let us start the rebuilding of our understanding of our place in the world by recognizing that we are living in a new
    era of anti-Americanism. "

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    The Nation  October 10, 2001

    "The atrocity of September 11 must be understood as the work of dark genius, a penetrating tactical insight that
    endangers our future in fundamental respects that we are only beginning to apprehend... Such a lethal, and
    essentially novel, combination of elements poses an unprecedented challenge to civic order and democratic
    liberties. It is truly a declaration of war from the lower depths..."

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    The National Review October 1, 2001

    " Only with evil confronted and crushed can we ensure that our children might still some day live, as we once did, in
    peace and safety."

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